Build your client network

Why NetBit

Gain total visibility into your client development process

Law firms have significant investment in CRM and other technology designed to support client development — however the adoption level of these tools is very low. NetBit addresses this issue by providing a fun, practical and easy-to-use tool that engages lawyers, supports their individual needs and, at the same time, adds high-value content to firm databases that enables the firm to better engage with its clients.

NetBit guides lawyers through the four stages of client relationship development: 1. Select, 2. Explore, 3. Engage, 4. Stay in touch. NetBit motivates lawyers to develop all-star networking habits by awarding points for their actions, setting goals and letting them collaborate with friends and colleagues.


  • Applies theories of behavioral science to drive the relationship development behaviors needed to acquire business.

  • Uses gamification theory to motivate and encourage client development activity.

  • Nothing similar exists in the market: Legal CRMs, LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc. only provide a one- dimensional view of a network with no motivational cue or behavior change elements included.

  • Leverages existing firm investments in CRM technology by improving data collection and cleansing as well as technology adoption.