Build your client network

Build a Strong Network

Select. Explore. Engage!

In the competitive legal marketplace, a lawyer’s professional network determines his or her success. NetBit gives lawyers the tools, tips, motivation and reinforcement they need to become star networkers – and successful rainmakers. The NetBit client development process, introduced in the acclaimed book, Daunting to DOable: You CAN Make It Rain, has been proven with hundreds of lawyers and law firms.

NetBit helps lawyers build their network by:

  • Tracking and rewarding progress
  • Reinforcing relationship development as a habit
  • Reminding lawyers to frequently connect
  • Offering tips and advice
  • Keeping lawyers engaged!
  • Helping lawyers think strategically

NetBit benefits firms by:

  • Building essential networking behaviors among their lawyers
  • Keeping firm CRM systems up-to-date by feeding current data about the most important lawyer relationships
  • Providing firms with a training resource that reinforces, tracks and rewards essential networking and client relationship development behaviors
  • Enabling reporting on key performance indicators